It’s a Mickey Mouse Themed 1st Birthday Party! — Sneak Preview

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Themed Party -- Baby Photo Session / Beba Photography


I still have the majority of these photos to edit, but couldn’t resist posting at least just 1 for you guys to see!

This little guy LOVES watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is already quickly becoming a big fan of the mouse! His 1st Birthday party is going to be Mickey Mouse themed and his Mama found this darling little outfit on Etsy to complete the look. As a former Disneyland Cast Member, I about died when I saw this outfit!

So so so so cute!

I first photographed this little guy when he was born at the hospital almost a year ago. It amazes me how quickly time flies:

Newborn Hospital Baby Photo Session / Beba Photography

How is it that children can grow up so quickly in just 1 year?! They start out as little miracles and grow without us realizing it into bigger miracles.

I cannot wait to see what this baby boy becomes as an adult, what he will be doing, who’s lives he will be touching and impacting in a positive way.

I’m not a Mommy (yet!) but as Mommies, do you just sit back and look at your little one and daydream about what he or she will someday become?

Before they grow up, savor these precious little moments and remember all the details about what makes them your special child.

Each milestone is something to celebrate!

A Big Hot Dog Diggity Dog Happy Birthday to this handsome little guy!


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The Baby Photo That Went Viral

I have watched an image of a baby boy that I photographed almost 5 years ago at the start of my photography career steadily go viral on Pinterest. It started off as a few thousand likes and re-pins and has since grown to 22,961 pins (update as of October 12th, 2015…’s now been pinned 28,264 times) from one of the original pin sources. It has also been pinned several other times from other pin sources.

It’s always a fun surprise to show my clients that this is an image I captured back at the start of my business, because many of them have already pinned this photo, not realizing that it was their own photographer’s image.


I get asked a lot how this shot was accomplished and for photo tips and honestly, it all happened in his Mommy’s arms. He was only 3 days old and really fussy when we first started. He didn’t want to be away from his Mama, so rather than make him feel miserable, I got creative and I put a blanket up over his Mom’s head, positioned them in a big easy chair near a picture window with the light a bit diffused and coming through and while he was sleeping, he began to smile and giggle for a few of the frames.

With babies, you have to be quick and ready to capture their little expressions at any given second. He giggled and smiled for about 7 seconds and then it was gone. Some will say it was gas. I like to imagine that Jesus was tickling his tummy and making him giggle while he slept.

viral pics

Looking at these images is like a trip down memory lane since they were taken at towards the start of my photography career back in 2011. I have been blessed to watch this little guy grow up into a young boy through the years as my photography business has grown along with him.



eli 1

2012:eli 2


eli 3


eli 4

Isn’t it amazing to you that such a little life can grow so quickly in such a short amount of time? That is why I love being a professional photographer and capturing these moments in life–they happen so quickly and photographs are a way to look back on them and savor the moments again. It forever stops in time that moment, that transition, that milestone in life. It’s a way to re-visit the emotions tied to the day again and again and to see each chapter of someone’s life written out page by page with each turning of the year.

Whether it’s a little baby growing up into a little boy, a teenager becoming who she was created to be or a married couple growing old together….it’s all about capturing, not just the people in the photos, but the memories that they have created in them.

Your turn!

Post your child’s favorite image in the comments below and share why he/she is so special to you!

PS: Make that 22,967 times the photo has been pinned. It gained 6 more pins since I first started writing this post about a half hour ago.


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Country Shoot In the Middle of the City / Phoenix, AZ Photographer

Got my shoot on with dear and longtime friend, Beth of Lizzie Bee Photography. Beth is a country girl at heart and looked like the perfect western cowgirl tonight! This one is a sneek peek from her photo shoot with me! : )

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