A Beautiful Way To Start the Day / Phoenix, AZ Photographer

As a photographer, I find that it’s important to spend a little quiet time each day, away from the hustle and bustle of daily living. Before the phone starts ringing or the beeping of horns in traffic fill my mind, I love getting up before the sun to remember what I’m thankful for and to focus before the start of the busy day ahead. For me, because I am a Christian, I love to read my Bible and pray every morning while I eat breakfast–stealing away to spend some quiet time with my favorite person in the entire world.

What do you do to take a few minutes away from busy during your day?

Before the sun comes up in the sky, there is often a greyish blue painting everything and it reminds me of “cold,” even here in AZ where it’s usually 90 degrees in the summer by 7am. As the sun come up, it melts the cold blue of the morning air and turns it into a golden warmth that always finds a way of permeating the kitchen and casts long golden rays on the walls. It is my favorite time of the day and gives me hope for the fresh new day ahead.

Last night, AZ experienced quite a fierce thunderstorm. It was loud enough to wake me up and keep me awake for an hour while the hungry sky growled overhead and lightning lit up the sky and air in front of me. Torrential rains came down so strongly that you could not see beyond the backyard across the street!

This morning, some of the storms leftovers graced the windows and sparkled in that golden morning light. It looked so beautiful this morning that I wanted to share it with you all. A storm’s fury can tear through the night, but the sun always comes in the morning…..just like trials in life can tear through our lives in the darkest hours, but joy and hope will always come in the morning.


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My Encouragement / Phoenix, AZ Photographer

I’m going to get a little personal tonight and share my heart, my faith and my perspective on life. Here it goes–I’m letting you into my personal space. ; )

As a photographer, it’s sometimes easy to get discouraged. I’ve been there. I think everyone has been there. It feels something isn’t going to turn out the way I planned, I get down on myself,or start nit-picking how I’m not as good as this person or that person and or that I’ll never get out of my rut. It’s just part of the territory of being an artist.

A lot of y’all know that I’m a Christian. I’m proud of that. I’m proud of my faith and who Jesus is to me. I have a relationship with Him and find my strength in Him. He’s got a way of tossing my world upside-down and has given me a fresh outlook on life. Situations haven’t necessarily changed, but my perspective towards them has.

Instead of seeing a mountain to climb, I now see a mountain to conquer. I was inspired to create this little piece of digital art because sometimes all it takes to encourage and conquer your mountain is looking at a situation differently…….


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