Family Togetherness = Strength

B Family - 1

This is another family I have been photographing for years! It has been amazing watching these boys grow up from just a few years old, to now entering their teenage years and almost entering the teenage years. I love how strong this family is together as a unit. They love and care for one another deeply and you can tell. “When love is present,  it is evident!” (self quote)

B Family - 2

B Family - 3

When I first met these two, I was so in awe at how they looked at each other with a giddy kind of love and sparkle in their eyes. I wanted that for myself and always held on to that hope. Now that I’m married and my husband and I share that same special sparkle and giddy love, I’m so grateful! I’m so glad I got to witness it first in these two and know that that kind of love was possible.

B Family - 4

Sometimes, you get photobombed by the littlest! Haha.

B Family - 6

B Family - 7

B Family - 13

B Family - 8

B Family - 9

Love these boys!!

B Family - 11

B Family - 10

B Family - 12

B Family - 18

B Family - 17

B Family - 19

B Family - 14

This is family and this is love.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Tabitha (7)

I have been photographing for this precious family for some 8 years or so now! The beautiful woman in floral is one of my closest friends, Tabitha Dumas of Tabitha Dumas Signature Color ( I adore this photo session with her family from a couple years ago. Her littlest one is about to turn 3! This was a fun trip down memory lane.

Tabitha (6)

Tabitha (8)

Tabitha (9)

Mommy and Me shots are some of my favorites!

Tabitha (12)

Tabitha (10)

Daddy and Me shots are so special too!

Tabitha (4)

Tabitha (2)

Tabitha (29)

These boys seem like they have grown up overnight!

Tabitha (61)

Tabitha (57)

Tabitha (28)

Tabitha (27)

Tabitha (34)

Tabitha (36)

Tabitha (39)

Tabitha (16)

Tabitha (49)

Her husband, Drew, is a realtor and has been doing some AMAZING house flips here in the Phoenix metropolitan area recently! You can reach him at ((602) 403-0458). 

Tabitha (48)

They are some of my favorite people to spend time with!

Tabitha (43)

Tabitha (55)

Tabitha (54)

Tabitha (53)

Tabitha (50)

Tabitha (56)



Family Photo Session – Fall

I have been photographing this precious family since their daughters were little girls. They have grown and matured since then. It has been amazing to see both girls flourishing and starting to see them embrace their dreams and doing the things they love the most.

F Family (13)

This beautiful location is on the back roads here in Arizona. It’s quite rocky, which makes getting to the location a little difficult, but it’s so worth it once you are there! It’s magical!

F Family (1)

F Family (4)

F Family (15)


F Family (14)

F Family (6)

F Family (7)

F Family (10)

F Family (9)

F Family (2)

F Family (3)