Vendor Preference – Ashe Design

From time to time, I am going to be reviewing my favorite photography vendors as a resource for other photographers who are looking  for products to use. Today’s vendor review is for Ashe Design, who has created several designs for cards, photo albums, collage layouts and so much more!

Preferred Vendor


My background is in marketing and before I came to become a professional photographer, I was working with design elements creating bulletins and newsletters, so the graphic design nerd comes out of me when I see new design pieces to work with!

The reason I love Ashe Design so much and consider them a preferred vendor over other design vendors, is that I am free to change up details on their designs to make them a little more customized, which is really important for me as a photographer. I want something that I can modify a bit and that makes it more “Beba” as a product to offer to my photo clients.

Example #1:

Here is an example of a card design they offer, which you can find at the link below:×7-flat-card-design-gabriel-matthew.html

This is an example of how I received the file:

as is 1 example

And this is an example of how I was able to customize it for Beba Couture:

bc inside jpeg

Example #2:

Another example is from their Catherine Alise photo book template collection (listed below):×10-catherine-alise.html

I was able to take their design elements and put photos into it to create something that shows off my photography as a type of look book online with Issuu that I can now share with my clients:

Try Them Out For Free:

Not sure if you’ll like Ashe Designs or not? No problem! They offer $5 deals each week, as well as free samples to test drive before committing to purchasing:

Use the Code FREEBIE at Checkout

However…I will warn you…once you are on their website and searching through designs, you will find things that you absolutely love and your shopping cart will fast be filling up! I’ve found this to be true each time I visit their website!

But with each of those trips to their website, those little shopping splurges turn into creative tools for me to use to create pieces that my photography clients love and it’s well worth the cost!

Give them a whirl and comment below with your favorite designs that you find and use! I’d love to add to my stock!


Here is their website one more time in case you missed it: