I’m Back! (Post-surgery)

Hi everyone, You may have noticed a lull here on my blog, as well as on my social media pages….but….

Beba is back!


2016 turned out to be a bumpy ride for me health-wise. I ended up visiting the ER multiple times for severe bouts of pain and nausea and other symptoms and the doctors discovered that I had chronic cholecystitis, which means I had a very inflamed gallbladder. Medicine and conservative methods of changing my eating habits didn’t help, so the doctors referred me to a surgeon.

It was so so very hard to do, but I had no choice but to take a break from my photography business in order to focus on taking care of my health and getting better. I had surgery to remove my gallbladder at the end of November and while I’m still recovering, I had my first photo session back last week and feel so wonderful being back in my favorite environment!

You other photographers might understand that being away from doing what you love the most makes you feel like a fish out of water. It feels so good to be back!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday and New Year and that 2017 brings many wonderful things for you and your families! Glad to be back–I missed you guys and can’t wait to share some of these newest photo sessions with you!

Happy New Year!

Love, Beba


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Blogstomp Has Just Made My Blogging Life a Little Bit (or a LOT!) Easier

I had heard of Blogstomp for awhile from fellow photographers in my field, but never ventured out to try it until now.

I had a birthday last month and my family asked me what I wanted as a gift.

You guessed it: BLOGSTOMP!

I love writing and blogging, but shied away from it because of how long it takes to resize and watermark images, let alone put them into cute little collages with borders.

Enter in Blogstomp! It’s a software program that makes the above easy-peasy in only a few steps. I upload my edited photos, select which ones I want collaged together and the system watermarks and resizes them for me.

In the past, this would have taken around an hour for a full set. Now I can finish things in under 10 minutes. Magic!

I am loving Blogstomp and hoping with this newly purchased software that I can get back to blogging, because I really truly do love it so much!

Here’s to seeing more on this blog! Cheers!