Family Togetherness = Strength

B Family - 1

This is another family I have been photographing for years! It has been amazing watching these boys grow up from just a few years old, to now entering their teenage years and almost entering the teenage years. I love how strong this family is together as a unit. They love and care for one another deeply and you can tell. “When love is present,  it is evident!” (self quote)

B Family - 2

B Family - 3

When I first met these two, I was so in awe at how they looked at each other with a giddy kind of love and sparkle in their eyes. I wanted that for myself and always held on to that hope. Now that I’m married and my husband and I share that same special sparkle and giddy love, I’m so grateful! I’m so glad I got to witness it first in these two and know that that kind of love was possible.

B Family - 4

Sometimes, you get photobombed by the littlest! Haha.

B Family - 6

B Family - 7

B Family - 13

B Family - 8

B Family - 9

Love these boys!!

B Family - 11

B Family - 10

B Family - 12

B Family - 18

B Family - 17

B Family - 19

B Family - 14

This is family and this is love.

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