Oh Baby! Capturing Those Tiny Details

5x7 collage open template WITH LOGO

Even though I am not a Mommy (yet!), I sure love to capture the tiniest of details when I photograph babies, because those tiny masterpieces make them so very special.

I believe that each life is uniquely and wonderfully created by God and that each of those little fingers and toes are little reminders and these precious baby boys and girls will someday grow up into adults that will bring a story to the world.

What will your little boy or girl become?

Maybe he’s been created to find the cure for cancer.

Or maybe she’s the next Olympic gymnast.

Maybe he’s going to be a teacher.

Or she’s going to be an author.

Whatever it is that your children grow to become, you can be sure that, as they grow, that your love will grow with them.

Cherish this time.

Love those little piggies and kiss those little fingers.

For, when fingers grow too big to hold on around your finger, you’ll find that the memory has wrapped around your heart instead.

And when you have photos documenting this sweet time in life, you can re-visit that special feeling again and again.


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