Family Photo Session – Gilbert, AZ

When I photograph people, I work with all types of personalities.





I love when families, who I think are reserved, suddenly burst out with acting goofy in some of their photos for me!

It makes our photo session together playful and fun!

During this family photo session, the weather was pretty hot, but the AZ sky was gorgeous!

Family (40)

Family (8) Family (16)

Family (31)Family (24) Family (44) Family (46) Family (76)

It was a regular session as usual….until the sillies started to come out….

And oh, did I love capturing it!!!!

Family (52)

Family (53)

Family (55)

Family (65)

Sibling harassment at its finest. “Not touching you. Not touching you. Not touching you.”

I love how families can be totally goofy with one another one minute and be serious and willing to do anything for them the next. They are the ones you laugh and cry with and celebrate all the amazing moments in life.

Family (63)

What is your family like? Serious? Funny? Somewhere in between?

Make sure you spend time with them today and tell them how much you love them.

Families are forever.

Family (73) with logo


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