AZ Family Photo Session – Scottsdale, AZ

When I was contacted to photograph this family, I couldn’t be happier! I felt an instant connection when I sat down to meet them at their pre-photo consultation and loved seeing how full of energy and life their kids were! They were a lot of fun to capture. Of course, I did have to dance around and I was pretty sure I saw the Easter Bunny and that brought about smiles….at least I think I saw the Easter Bunny.

Of course, I could be wrong about seeing him…..but that will be my little secret. (wink)

Family (1) Family (5) Family (7) Family (11) Family (12)

When you’re little, acting like Superman is a pretty silly thing to do.

Sometimes getting the Superman position down takes practice and

you need to look to your brothers for their lead. Other times, you’re ready to fly!

Family (16)

When there is this much love and joy in a family, how can you NOT be happy? Joy is contagious!

 Family (17) Family (18) Family (20)

I heard word that there is a new sheriff in town…..

Family (26) Family (33)

….but Dad says that he’s still the boss!

Family (36)

I love photographing families here in Arizona and having a fun family like this makes it that much more special and fun to be a photographer! This location was in bloom around Easter time and made things even prettier….and I’m still pretty sure I saw the Easter Bunny!


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