Not For Granted–A Gift To Not Be Discarded / In Wake of the Tragic School Shooting in Conneticut

Not For GrantedThis Christmas, there is something different, a change.

As we gather together this year, as we have done year after year, we cannot help but think of those who lost their lives in Conneticut. The thought of it is now seared into the hearts and mind of every American citizen and as fellow mankind, we cannot help but grieve with their precious families as they face this horrible event that was never supposed to happen.

This year, there is sadness…..but there is also a gift.

As we peer beneath the tree, we notice that a certain gift stands out from the rest and we have all recieved the same one this year. Do you see it? Go pick it up and open it.

As we read its tag and see who the giver is, we realize with somberness that this special gift has been sent to us and given to us by the children and teachers who lost their lives in the tragedy in Conneticut. Costing them everything they had, they are giving us something of great value that we don’t want to blindly toss it aside and miss.

Wrapped in fragile, we carefully remove the lid and peer inside to discover that they have given us the gift of “Not For Granted” {NFG} this year.

The other gifts under the tree that are normally of high importance, suddenly pale in comparison with this new gift of Not For Granted. We pick it up, turn it over in our hands and put their sacrificial gift on like a pair of glasses. Suddenly, we find ourselves seeing more clearly.

Not For Granted offers us a look at what is truly important in life and as we look around the room at those that we love, wearing the eyes of Not For Granted, we realize that our family and friends are some of the most valuable gifts we have ever received. We realize how short and fragile life is and hold them closer than we ever have.

We have all been given this same gift this year. Do not neglect Not For Granted that cost so much to give to us. Love each other, celebrate each other’s lives and hold each other close. This Christmas, embrace their precious gift of Not For Granted and realize how blessed you truly are–it’s not about the presents that can be wrapped, but the people that can be wrapped up in your love. Do not dishonor their lives by neglecting their gift–they have given it and intend for it to be used. Take it out of the box and use it right away. I guarantee that Not For Granted is the most important gift you will ever receive this year or any year after this.

I wish you a Not For Granted Christmas!

Let our thoughts and prayers continue for the families of these precious people.



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2 thoughts on “Not For Granted–A Gift To Not Be Discarded / In Wake of the Tragic School Shooting in Conneticut

  1. Beautifully written, thanks for sharing. We have SO much to be grateful for, and we shouldn’t take anything for granted. We need to hug our kids over and over again, because once again we realize how fragile life really is!

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