Potential Client Form — Freebie / Phoenix, AZ Photographer

Want to get yourself organized in the New Year? I am sharing my Potential Client Form with photographers as a Freebie!

Download your own copy here:


I have a stack of these forms printed out and fill one out for every client that contacts me via email, website or phone. I keep updated notes on the back of the sheet of times that I contacted them.

I’ll also use a blank piece of paper to dictate notes while we talk on the phone and then transfer them to this sheet so things are nice and neat and I can pull information for the future { likes, dislikes, quirks, personalities, style, birthdays, etc. }

I have them located in a “Potential Clients” folder which either get moved into a Client Folder if they book me or a “Disqualified Leads” folder if they choose not to for whatever reason.

It’s a great way to stay organized and on top of things so that you know your clients more and don’t forget important information about them.

Business is about building relationships, not pushing sales and the Potential Client Form will help you do just that!



If you are interested in getting more organized, I also have a Photographer’s Day Planner that I created and am selling { sorry, no freebies on that one! } ; ) To get your own copy, visit:


and click on the “Photographer’s Day Planner” link



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