Do You Believe in Dreams Come True? / Phoenix, AZ Photographer

Do you believe in dreams come true? When you were younger, what did you dream about? I recently found a notebook I had scribbled my dreams into way back in 2004. Little did I know……….

…..that those dreams would start coming true, now years later with my photography business and with Beba Couture that will be launching next year! : )!! It is so exciting to begin to see those dreams start to come to fruition! From the list of 19 wishes, 14 of those dreams are now coming true! So what do YOU wish? Do you believe that your dreams can come true someday? Why not wish? Why not dream? It doesn’t hurt to….not in the least. In fact, it may just open the door to what you’ve been hoping for….so get yourself a blank notebook and pour your dreams and passions into its pages. Dream big and write as if no one were standing over your shoulder telling you you “can’t do that”. Dream BIG. Because, who knows, maybe one day, years later, you’ll be living out the dream that’s been tucked away inside YOUR heart! : )

Here are some of the dreams I had on my list back in 2004 that have already come true or are in the process of coming true:

-To start a Princess ministry

-To be a speaker at Women’s Conferences { I will be speaking for the first time this Fall: }

-To be a business person

-To bring imagination and childlikeness to the world

-To help girls and women feel beautiful and have self-worth

-To create

To be a founder and owner of a Princess ministry brand

-To be different and unique!

-To start something different

-Speak in front of large crowds

-Encourage people

-Get people to dream again–inspire

-To empower people to be different and to make a difference in the world

For those of you just visiting my page, I am working to launch Beba Couture early next year, which involves stylized princess photo sessions + surprises I can’t mention just yet { shhhh!!! It’s a secret!!} I’m going to be speaking at my very first women’s conference this year and hope for more opportunities in the future! I am hungry to write some new dreams that have grown in my heart since I wrote those dreams 8 years ago.

What do YOU wish for? Please share! One of the first steps in dreams coming true is to speak or write them out loud!

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