A Whisper From the Past — Memories / Phoenix, AZ Photographer

After last week’s Click Clique { a group I created for local AZ photographers }, we went antiquing in the historic part of Glendale. I had never really been officially antiquing before, but instantly fell in love with it! I’m really big on stories–I want to know the story in every picture, every item, every person’s life. Growing up, I used to love reading stories from books and now, as a photographer, I love reading the stories about people’s lives with my camera. So finding so many items that had been abandoned to a local antique store, I wondered what the story was behind each item.

  • Who was the owner?
  • How did they get the item?
  • What was their life like?
  • Were they married?
  • Did they have kids?
  • What were their dreams growing up?
  • Did they live an honorable life?
  • If they’ve passed away, what legacy did they leave for their kids and grandkids?
  • Why did they choose this item when they purchased it so many years ago?
  • Was it a gift?
  • Who was the giver?

I start imagining what life must have been like in the era that the item came from. My curiosity gets the better of me–I want to know the story behind it!

I was about to leave the last antique shop when something caught my eye at the back of a jewelry case. I found this necklace and stopped short. I asked what the price was, expecting it to be an exhorbant price. Imagine my surprise and relief when I discovered that such a beautiful find was only $20! Being the shopper I am, I still tried to get a discount. Ha! I didn’t get a discount but the store paid my sales tax. So this gem was only a handful of cash and is so lovely, I am beside myself! There was an appraiser there that told me that the seller was underselling it–that the appraised value was really between $45 and $65. I really and truly got blessed that day! : )

I spotted another “antique” outside of the store and had to chuckle that a public telephone is now considered almost an extinct piece of history. When I was a kid { oh boy, now I feel old! }, I used to see these things all around town. Now many kids growing up have no idea what it is! “What is that box hanging on the wall?” A lot of people don’t even own land lines anymore–everything is moving to cell phones. I remember growing up with a dial telephone–you know, the kind you dial one number at a time? Can it be true that my generation has already moved to antique status? I had to bite my tongue when I saw some “artifacts” from the 1980’s in a few of the stores. I guess I’m older than I thought I was! ; ) Here’s a glimpse back into the past and what used to once be a common thing:

 Do you see those two cords dangling from the bottom of the phone booth? That’s where another artifact once was…..a PHONE BOOK. For those of you youngins, that was what us old folk used to use to find a phone number or an address of a place we wanted to contact. Ha! ; )

What are some “relics” from the past that you remember that seem to have now disappeared? Share here! I’d love to hear! If you have a link from online, even better!

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