Creating Memories / Phoenix, AZ Photographer

As a little girl, I used to sit pouring over the many photo albums of pictures that my family has of loved ones, dating all the way back to my great-grandparents. Looking through those photos was like being transported to another world–so many memories that are now etched into my mind and as much a part of my childhood as my childhood itself. Now, as an adult, I *still* love pouring over those same albums! I could look at them for hours. I know the importance of my job and bringing family memories to life for my clients! I know that these will be memories of years past and that so much will change in 5 years, 10 years, 20 and 50…..but the photos and the love shared and captured in each one will remain the same. Photos are like little pieces of our hearts captured and printed for all to see. It’s a glimpse into a world of why we love the ones we love and why we hold them and cherish them as family.

These photos are from a photo shoot done earlier this year. I absolutely loved working with my clients and am glad that I got to capture these images for them. Families are fun because they create their own magic that is unique to them. I love the joy and happiness I witnessed when photographing this bunch! I loved how their photos turned out and I hope that you will enjoy these too!


We were so excited to see a carnival area at the location we shot at and the kids made a beeline for the rides! Although, sometimes rides look fun….from a distance….but are a little scarier close up!

But fear always has a way of melting away into excitement….!


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