Loving Myself Some Vintage…. / Phoenix, AZ Photographer

Before you write off the Goodwill, think about the storehouse of goodies that place holds–vintage clothing, props, furniture……

It’s like a treasure trove of vintage goodies! However, once the treasures are gone, they’re gone. I still kind of kick myself now for not getting a vintage turquoise dresser found there a few months ago. For me, Goodwill and garage sale shopping is better than Ebay or Craigslist! You never know what you’re going to find–each visit is different than the last. I also like it better because I can tangibly touch and inspect the items to make sure they’re in tip-top shape. I do have to be patient while I wait for the right treasure to come along, when I am patient, then it’s totally worth it!

Here is a vintage treasure that my brother found on a recent visit to the Goodwill and purchased for me. Only a few dollars, this vintage beauty is such a find! What a great photo prop for me to use on photo shoots! Now all I have to find are some vintage outfits to go with it, style the idea I have in my mind and build the atmosphere of the shoot and I’m ready to go. Little pieces like this can turn into a great story to tell in photos.

What treasures have you found at a local thriftstore?


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