Fetish for Fashion / Phoenix, AZ Photographer

I have a heart for fashion! I have always loved romantic and feminine costumes growing up–from figure skating costumes, to ballet costumes, to theatrical and historical costumes. I have always loved the flash of sparkle from sequins and rhinestones, the mix and feel of satin and lace, chiffon and tulle. I’ve spent many hours as I was growing up, and even now as an adult, cutting out pictures of oufits from magazines or pinning outfits on my Pinterest boards { www.pinterest.com/BebaPhotography }. Something about fashion makes me light up inside! I can literally spend hours looking at and drawing couture outfits and not grow weary of it. { Maybe that’s why it’s easy to blow an entire day on Polyvore or Pinterest! }

When Beba Couture and the idea of stylized couture princess photo shoots  was birthed in my heart, I instantly knew that I wanted it to be special. I wanted to capture some of the romanticism of days gone by and something that was the essence of royalty.

I visited the library today and checked out several books….

Among those, I am especially excited about two of the books I found:


1. “The Givenchy Style” — text by Francoise Mohrt, The Vendome Press, 1998

2. “The Royal Portraits” — by Cecil Beaton & Roy Strong, Simon & Schuster, 1988

I love pouring over the photos and the designs contained within these books. They are so inspiring! I may not be able to duplicate the lavish gowns that the British monarchy wears in royal court, but I want to be able to dissect and pull the essence of details from them and make one of a kind pieces of my own through hand-rhinestoning and hand-beading.

When I used to ice skate, I use to hand-sew sequin and irredescent pearl designs onto my skating ouftits. I loved the way they sparkled in the light and even though the work was tedious, it was very worth it! Of course they won’t be as lavish as the ones contained in these books, but I can certainly implement the essence of their intricacies and do what I do best.

I love pouring over the pages of “The Royal Portraits” because I love the artistic way that Cecil Beaton { Britain’s royal photographer } has captured the regalness of the royal family. His style is artistic and different from what you’d see in a magazine.


Photo by Cecil Beaton as featured in “The Royal Portraits”


Photo by Cecil Beaton as featured in “The Royal Portraits”

It’s like they’re out of a fairytale. I want to find out what makes these dresses, these photos so magical and so royal.

I’m on a mission to unlock their magic.


2 thoughts on “Fetish for Fashion / Phoenix, AZ Photographer

  1. What a beautiful book!!! I always wanted to be Princess Diana when I was a teen… but now I’d much rather be Queen Elizabeth, not because she’s the queen, but rather because she is such an amazing woman! {and she got to hang out with Churchill!}

    1. bebaphotography

      It’s so funny, because growing up, I was not that fond of the queen. But after reading about her, I actually have kind of taking a liking to her. : ) I think the media portrays her the way that they want to see her, but from what her grandchildren write, she’s very endearing.

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