Preparing For Things To Come…

For those of you who have been following my old blog { }, THANK YOU. I decided to open a Word Press blog so that I could display more images more readily and prepare myself for things to come with Beba Couture when it launches.

I have pages and pages of journals that I’ve poured my heart over since I was a teenager and want to transfer my sharing of thoughts to here in digital format.  Blogspot was great for awhile, but the upload rate was pretty slow and would take for forever. I couldn’t afford that wasted time. I want to share my joy of photography with you, life’s joys and sorrows. I want you to get to know me as a photographer and as a person. So….here I go, standing at the edge of the mountain of my dreams. I can see my dreams glimmering in the distance and know that if I can muster the courage to take this next vital step that I will be stepping foot into those dreams and living what I’ve only previously wished for.

Dreams can be scary because they mean leaving your comfort zone and everything familiar. They call you to live inside, out and reach for things bigger than yourself.

They ARE scary, but they also ARE worth it.

So, here is to the future. I am preparing myself for those dreams, knowing that they will be in my life.

One, two, three….breathe. Here I go……




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